Malay Bansal is a capital markets professional with over 16 years of wide fixed income, structured finance, and capital markets experience, most recently in commercial real estate including whole loans, B Notes, Mezz,  CMBS, CRE CDOs, REITs, and financing lines. He is a Managing Director at a New York based advisory firm working on structured finance, commercial real estate finance, clean energy & infrastructure project finance. Previously, he worked at a large wall street firm for 15 years, most recently as head of commercial real estate collateralized debt obligations, with additional responsibility for providing & managing warehouse financing. Prior to that, with dual roles as lead banker and head of structuring & pricing for bank’s commercial real estate businesses in US and Canada, he was involved in all aspects of commercial mortgage loans and securities business, including pricing of conduit and large loans, subordinated debt, and securitizations. Prior to that, he traded and structured CMOs.

Since the beginning of his career at the bank working on foreign exchange options analytics and risk, he has been interested and involved in derivatives of all types including forwards, futures, options, Total Return Swaps, Credit Default Swaps, and indices like CMBX. Other trading desks he has worked on include treasury, mortgage, & currency options, emerging markets structured products, non-dollar swaps, and exotic options.

Malay’s education includes an MBA, MS in Economics, and BS in Electronics Engineering.

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About my writings & this Blog

Thoughts on Markets & Economy

I created this blog to share my thoughts with friends, colleagues, and others, with the goal of improving my own thinking from discussions that these generate and  by any feedback I get. I will endeavor to bring out some new ideas, but some of these will be equivalent of thinking out loud, and in some cases I will  just be asking questions to provoke thought.

I welcome comments – from both who agree, and from those who disagree with my views.

The opinions and ideas expressed in these writings are solely mine, and not of any of my present or past employers or clients.


The thoughts expressed here are just my opinions at the time of writing, and not necessarily those of any organizations I am associated with. Nothing in any of these write-ups  is a recommendation to buy or sell any specific security, product, or product type. Also, the data presented will be from various sources in original or summary form, without any independent verification by me.

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